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What’s the 4506-T Form?

Posted ago by Cary Cox

ShareThere are lots of mortgage documents to sing when applying for a mortgage and believe it or not each one of them has it’s role in lenders getting you the mortgage you want. One of the most commonly misunderstood forms …

Interest-Only Jumbo Loans

Posted ago by Cary Cox

ShareWhy do intererst-only jumbo loans make sense  in today’s mortgage market? There are many reasons to use the interest-only feature on a jumbo loan, but first let’s look at the characteristics of the jumbo loan borrower. The jumbo loan borrower has …

Becoming Lendable in Today’s Mortgage-Market For Self-Employed Borrowers –

Posted ago by Cary Cox

ShareThe underwriting guidelines for mortgages have changed over the last couple of years. The biggest change is the elimination of stated-income loans. These types of mortgages are gone and they are not coming back any time soon and most likely …