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Mortgage Lending Getting a Little Easier

Posted ago by Cary Cox

ShareWe are starting to see mortgage bank-statement programs again and also a stated-income mortgage loan program is now available. Both of these programs are for the self-employed borrower only. The mortgage rates on these types of programs come with slightly …

Adjustable Rate Mortgages –

Posted ago by Cary Cox

ShareAdjustable Rate Mortgages or ARMs  got a bad reputation during the mortgage melt-down of the not to distant past. Was the product itself at fault? No it wasn’t the fault of the adjustable rate mortgage itself, but the people that …

Adjustable Rate Mortgages: How Do They Really Work?

Posted ago by Cary Cox

Share An adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) is one that provides for the interest rate to change (adjust) at fixed intervals throughout the term of the loan. How often the interest rate can change is determined in advance, and is spelled out …