Jaqui Butler

Processing Manager

Jaqui was born in East Chicago Indiana but became a naturalized Texan when her parents moved to the Rio Grande Valley before she was even six months old. After finishing her general studies in Corpus Christi she went directly into residential lending.

Ms. Butler began her career as a highly successful loan officer. During this time period she learned all the loan programs and underwriting guidelines. This position also allowed her to directly interact with the client to understand their needs and concerns throughout the loan process.

Because good processors are difficult to come by Jaqui decided to process her own loans. Her ability to multi-task made processing a snap for her. She processed them so efficiently and effectively that others in the office would pay her to process their loans as well.

At that point she knew she had found her calling and made loan processing her sole full-time endeavor. She now has nearly a decade of experience in the loan processing arena. Having been on every side of the transaction as loan officer, processor, home-buyer/owner she truly can appreciate and understand the client’s needs. Her warm personality and tenacious work habits insure that your loan will close on time.

Jaqui enjoys traveling, snow-skiing, cooking, and relaxing along side her backyard pool.