Darren Smith



Darren is a South Texas native from the coastal town of Palacios. Darren has a BBA from the University of Texas at Austin, a MBA from St. Edwards University, and spent numerous years at Arthur Andersen.

Darren brings a unique perspective to his clients. He sees the transaction from three different viewpoints. First, as a lender he has knowledge of the different financing programs available. Second, as a prior business owner he understands the clients’ expectations of finding solutions to their needs. Finally, as a financial consultant he can discuss the tax and cash flow implications of each financing program available to the borrower.

This ability to see the transaction from all sides makes Darren one of the most knowledgeable consultants for commercial financing and high-end residential mortgages. He has developed an extensive network of direct lenders on Wall Street to ensure his clients get the very best rates and programs available in the market.

Previously Darren worked in the Mergers & Acquisitions department of Arthur Andersen. He has been a financial consultant for several companies. In addition, Darren has owned or been a partner in several businesses.

Outside of work Darren enjoys international travel, lifting weights, running, and golf.