Commercial Mortgages

Commercial LendingGetting You The Best Loan for Your Project

Darren Smith heads up Flagstone Financial’s Commercial Mortgage Division. His background in tax and accounting as a former CPA insures that you not only get the best product for the project, but that it also allows for the best tax treatment.

Flagstone Financial has direct relationships with International Wall Street Banks, Pension Funds, Insurance Companies, Regional Banks, Community Banks, and Hedge Funds to bring you the commercial capital you need to finance what ever type of project you may have.

Flagstone provides the following types of Commercial Mortgages:

Owner-Occupied Financing –

These mortgages are for businesses that own their buildings or occupy more than fifty percent of a building. These mortgages can be fixed to mitigate long-term interest-rate risk.

Investment Property Financing –

Mortgages for properties that are held for investment which include, office buildings, warehouse, apartment complexes, and retail centers.

Spec Home Financing –

For homebuilders we provide funds for your Spec-Home construction needs.

Construction Financing –

Mortgages are available for individuals and partnerships looking to build their own practice and finance the equipment too.

Asset-Based Loans –

These types of mortgages are based upon the equity in the property and not the cash-flow of the property. Ideally they are for individuals or companies that have a large amount of equity in the property and need funds for predevelopment or entitlements. These loans are generally twelve to eighteen months and usually have prepaid interest reserves financed into the loan.

For any commercial mortgage needs the best thing to do is call Darren and arrange a complimentary consultation. He can be reached at 713-458-3232 or e-mail him at