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Commercial Mortgage Credit

Posted ago by Darren Smith

ShareCommercial mortgage credit availability presently and in the foreseeable future will still be restrictive and limited.  It is estimated that over a trillion dollars worth of commercial mortgages in the United States will become due in 2012 to 2013.  This  …

Non-Recourse Commercial Mortgages

Posted ago by Darren Smith

ShareMany commercial borrowers are asking why lenders are requiring loans with recourse and personal guarantees attached to all commercial mortgages currently.  The answer lies in the 2008 meltdown ofthe financial industry lending markets. Prior to this meltdown, securitization of commercial …

Mezzanine Financing – It’s Place in Commercial Lending

Posted ago by Darren Smith

ShareWith today’s tight-credit markets conventional financing is not always available for some development purposes. Mezzanine Financing can be used as a bridge between final development and obtaining permanent financing. Mezzanine lenders however do have their own requirements in order to …