Remembering Memorial Day

Many of us have had family members and friends serve our nation honorably with military service. For them I have the utmost respect.

My uncle flew a glider full of infantrymen on D-Day, my father served during Korea, my father-in-law with his four brothers served in Viet Nam, my brother-in-law has done two tours in Afghanistan, my sister-in-law is an anesthesiologist in the Navy, and my friend Andy Aududdell after 9-11 gave up a pro golf career to fly F-16 fighter jets.

To each of these men and women we are indebted. Unfortunately during their service to our country everyone of them has lost friends that paid the ultimate sacrifice for our nation.

During this Memorial Day Weekend I ask that while you are having fun on the lake, at a ball-game, or just relaxing with your family please reflect on what the true meaning is of this day and why we celebrate it. Think of those that died for you.

Remember and honor our fallen and thank those that serve.

Have a Wonderful & Safe Memorial Day Weekend!

Cary Cox

Managing Partner
Flagstone Financial

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