FHA For Immigrants

Houston has over one-hundred thirty different countries with immigrants located in our city. That’s because Houston is a huge international city due to the being the world’s energy capital and the world-wide reputation of the Texas Medical Center located in Houston. Houston also has the second largest Asian population of any city in the United States of America. The George Bush International Airport also makes Houston a gateway city for immigrants arriving to the United States of America. Lastly Houston has a huge Hispanic population due to our proximity with Mexico and the rest of Latin America.

For those immigrants here legally it is imperative that mortgage financing be available for them to help them establish their roots here in Houston, TX. One government loan program that has special features for immigrants is the FHA mortgage that also provides mortgages for many citizens here in Houston.

The main feature of the FHA mortgage is that citizenship is not a requirement for mortgage loan approval. Though proving you have legal immigrant status is required for the mortgage loan approval process. Immigrants must be able to prove to the underwriter their legal residency status in order to obtain a FHA mortgage for purchase or refinance of their home. If the immigrants can prove their legal residency status in Houston or any other place in the United States of America their loan is underwritten under the same terms and conditions of a citizen of the United States of America.

The immigrants proof of status for the FHA mortgage can be obtained from the Department of Homeland Security’s United State Citizenship and Immigration Services Department. The immigrant-borrower must also have a valid and legal social security number. In addition, they must also be eligible for work in the United States of America. To prove work eligibility they must complete an Employment Authorization Document.

One additional item is that the immigrant’s employment eligibility and residency status must have continuation and be available for renewal in order for an FHA mortgage to be granted and approved.

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